viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

oraciones con there was, there were, there many, there much

Sentences sometimes put "there was", "there much", "there many" y there were", seen in the picture we see a park and describe the park with "there was".

there was
-there were no animals in the park.
-there is no trash in the park.
-there was a stadium in the park.
-there was no sun in the park.
-there was a baseball field in the park.

there were:
-my mom`s house had mice.
-in the the park had a circus.
-in the maze had flowers.
-olives trees in my grandmother had seen a car very advanced car technology.
-my car had plush.

there much:
-much candy onthe cake.
-much air in my room.
-much fresh coffee.
-much deodorant bottle.
-much coffee in the cup.

there many:
-there are many games in the toy store.
-there are many ships at sea.
-there are many dackages in post offices.
-there are many books onthe shelf.
-there are many animals in the forest.

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